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A psychologist morphing into a writer, photographer, singer, poet, historian, traveler &4ever student. Let’s Do Twitter: Pt4Oh. Obrigado!

It’s a Man’s World.

I read with interest the political, ethical, and social minefields journalists and their editors must negotiate as they describe and analyze the policy decisions and personal and political actions (or inactions) taken by our leaders in Congress and the White House. Do we all have battle fatigue? many of us do! The rhetoric and harrowing, infuriating events have become so ugly, and terrifying. Many tune out.

Journalists are the “Forth Estate.” They have a primary responsibility to report on our government and its dealings. How does a news agency temper that responsibility with concern for its…

A life-long Californian living in Portugal, this is my 1st entry in a year-long journal.

Inverted Madonna And Child statue, Sevilla, ES.

In every category of sexual exploitation or abuse, the perpetrator is almost always an adult male, whether the victim be an adult or a child, male or female. Stories of women molesting boys are received with shock, sometimes even titillation, and it’s been rare to hear about these crimes until the recent publicizing of some cases. Now they’ve become fodder for news entertainment and even dramatized “true story“ sexploitation movies of attractive young teachers or neighbors seducing sexually precocious boys. The myth of the MILF bringing a boy into manhood is a trope in almost every culture, and has been…

From Naples to New Orleans, Feeling The Wrath of Goddesses.

Print ad for film, “ Little Shop of Horrors,” (1960).

Patrick O’hearn, PhD

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